AOD 9604

AOD 9604 is a crucial peptide for its role in weight loss and fat reduction, as well as regenerative properties.  AOD is the last 15 amino acid sequence of human Growth Hormone and it is this sequence that holds the fat reducing capabilities of Growth Hormone.  AOD 9604 is unique in that while a fragment of human Growth Hormone, it does not activate the receptor.  Meaning that there is no competition for the receptor with human Growth Hormone.  AOD 9604 works by stimulating lipolysis in adipocytes or fat cells.  Lipolysis is the breakdown of fats and lipids by hydrolyzation of triglycerides into glycerol and fatty acids.  AOD also inhibits lipogenesis, the metabolic process that forms fat and increases triglycerides in the body.  And it does all this, mimicking the effects of human Growth Hormone, without growth promotion or pro-diabetic (increased blood sugar) effects.  AOD 9604 targets the areas of the body where the levels of fat are the highest.  Patients wishing to further maximize results may combine additional therapies or treatments such as human Growth Hormone (hGH) peptide therapy.  AOD 9604 will provide greater fat loss and increased caloric burn when regular exercise and a well-balanced diet are optimized.


Benefits of AOD 9604

  • Reduces body fat
  • Triggers fat release from obese fat cells over lean ones
  • Mimics human Growth Hormone regulation of fat metabolism
  • Inhibits lipogenesis-the transformation of non-fatty foods into body fat
  • Has no adverse effect on blood sugar or growth
  • No increase in hunger
  • No increase in cortisol levels
  • Role in cartilage repair and regeneration
  • Improves osteoarthritis
  • Decreases risk of osteoporosis
  • May improve hypercholesterolemia


What is AOD 9604?

Also known as “Anti-Obesity Drug”, AOD is a 15 amino acid sequence fragment from human Growth Hormone.  It is this sequence that specifically targets fat reduction. 

Is AOD 9604 safe?

Yes!  AOD was assigned GRAS status by the FDA, which stands for Generally Recognized As Safe.  It is a designation given to products that are identified as safe when used as intended, per the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

Can AOD 9604 be used in conjunction with other therapies?

AOD actually works best in combination with other peptides such as human Growth Hormone peptides.  When used for cartilage repair and regeneration, it is ideally paired with BPC-157.  Prior to starting treatment with AOD 9604, please make sure to give your complete medical history, as well as medication list to the providers at Re-new Institute so that they can determine if you are a candidate for therapy with AOD.

How long before I can expect to see results with AOD 9604?

Results are variable and dependent on the person as well as their age, family history, their health history and disease risks, also if they are utilizing combination therapy and optimizing diet and exercise.  Some may notice results in the first several weeks of treatment while others will note a longer duration of 3 to 6 months prior to noticeable benefits. 

What are the side effects of AOD 9604?

AOD 9604 is commonly injected subcutaneously, making its use at risk for local redness, irritation, itching and swelling of the injection site.  Other noted side effects from clinical studies included headache, chest tightness, palpitations and feelings of euphoria.  While these side effects were rare, it is important to consult with a medical professional prior to starting AOD 9604.

How is AOD 9604 administered?

AOD 9604 for weight loss is best administered in a subcutaneous injection.  However, it is also available in a topical cream for local increase in repair and healing, as well as a formulation for intra-articulate joint injection for those using it to treat joint pain or arthritis. 

When is the best time to take AOD 9604?

For optimal fat loss results, AOD is best administered on an empty stomach whether first meal of the day or just prior to bed.  There should be 30-45 minutes between meal and administration.

How often should I take AOD 9604?

While AOD is commonly prescribed once daily, there can be added benefit to multiple daily injection sequences.  Make sure to consult with a trained medical physician at Re-new Institute prior to starting AOD 9604.

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