Testosterone is the androgen hormone that most associate with men, but many don’t realize that women have and need testosterone just like guys. In a healthy female, 60% of her body is estrogen and 40% testosterone, with nearly all being produced in the ovaries. This is compared to the 95 to 5% ratio testosterone to estrogen in men. Most women will begin to experience symptoms of declining testosterone levels in their early to mid-30’s and often rationalize their symptoms to “life.” Testosterone, unlike estrogen, is not stored in the body so it depletes more rapidly, hence why symptoms start younger compared to the average age of 52 for menopause and estrogen related symptoms. As well as, the symptoms associated with this decline tend to seem vague. 

So what does testosterone provide for females? Testosterone helps with energy levels, improves sleep, enhances libido and orgasm, stabilizes mood, combats anxiety and depression.  It also plays a crucial role in executive level functioning in the brain. Meaning that with adequate testosterone levels we are better able to retain information, our short-term memory and recall is optimal and allows for processing of new abstract thoughts and ideas. Testosterone also contributes to weight loss/stabilization not only through increasing lean muscle which amps metabolism but by helping burn glucose or sugar. This improves insulin resistance and helps protect against developing diabetes, but can also help treat those who have already been labeled as diabetic or pre-diabetic. When testosterone levels decrease, women will see the curviness of their hips start to disappear and find weight in their midsection that was never there before-and often despite diet and exercise or no changes to lifestyle. Testosterone is a natural anti-inflammatory that can help improve joint pain but more importantly helps keep breast tissue healthy and protects against the formation of cancer. 

Testosterone contributes to females’ ability to function at their highest level day after day, feel their best and live their healthiest life. Often as testosterone levels decline, we tend to feel no longer like the person we remember or that we are crazy and losing it. And no matter what we try, nothing seems to make a difference or get us closer to feeling like we want to. Well ladies…you aren’t crazy and it may be as simple as declining testosterone. If you have no energy no matter how much sleep you get, are experiencing brain fog and feel like you can’t remember anything anymore, could care less about sex with your significant other despite loving them and missing that in your relationship, are moody, crabby or irritable, or you can’t lose weight or gain muscle no matter what you try-one word…TESTOSTERONE. Call to schedule your free consultation with Melissa and determine if testosterone replacement can help you feel like you again!

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