Metabolic Bio-nutrition Coaching

Metabolic Bio-nutrition Coaching

What is Metabolic Bio-nutrition Coaching?

Metabolic Bio-nutrition Coaching is key to maximizing your metabolic health by personalizing your nutrition approach to restore hormonal balance and vitality.

Many of us have been on the diet rollercoaster for far too long. The diet industry has us believing that supplements, food elimination diets, counting calories or macros are the secret to changing our bodies. It’s time to focus on how we drive results by learning how to first master your metabolism.

Bio-nutrition is far from “another diet” – it is a unique coaching methodology that uses a combination of lab testing, symptom assessments, and extensive health/diet history to create a custom nutrition program designed to unlock your full metabolic potential. Instead of assuming a “one-size-fits-all-cookie-cutter” meal plan, bio-nutrition personalizes your dietary approach to support hormone balance, first and foremost, as a means of driving change from the inside out. From blood sugar balance to gut support to adrenal health, the secret to success lies in identifying specific areas of your metabolism that need attention and how to structure your day to send the right metabolic signal with every nutritional choice you make. Bio-nutrition recognizes that what is “healthy” for one individual may not be “healthy” for another…

  • A vegan diet might help one person feel great by increasing their fiber intake, while the same approach leads another down a path of reactive hypoglycemia.
  • A ketogenic diet allows one woman to increase energy & decrease cravings while another woman on the same diet loses her menstrual cycle.
  • Incorporating intermittent fasting for one man reduces his sugar intake, while another following the same schedule ends up binging on late-night snacks.
  • A couple on a fertility journey will benefit from knowing how to support both the “seed” and the “soil.

This biology-backed approach encompasses not only the physical aspect of healthy eating habits but also addresses the mental & emotional impact of past diet experiences, working to release old “food rules” and form a positive relationship with food and body image.

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Benefits of Metabolic Bio-nutrition Coaching:

  • Maximizing metabolic health markers
  • Restoring hormonal balance & health
  • Achieving desired body aesthetic
  • Enhancing athletic performance
  • Promoting a healthy relationship with food & a positive body image
  • Optimizing sleep and recovery
  • Reducing gut inflammation
  • Eliminating daily energy crashes & cravings
  • Improving cognitive function , clarity, & productivity
  • Restoring reproductive health, including symptom-free menstrual cycles, & a healthy libido
  • Managing stress and emotional eating

Who Benefits from Metabolic Bio-nutrition Coaching:

If you are experiencing any of the following you will benefit greatly from Individual Metabolic Bio-Nutrition Coaching:

  • Searching for natural ways to impact your cholesterol and manage blood sugars without medications.
  • Struggling to lose body fat or gain muscle despite diet and workout efforts.
  • Navigating hormonal changes such as perimenopause, menopause, post-menopause, and andropause
  • Experiencing hormone imbalance symptoms such as fatigue, anxiety/depression, insomnia/poor sleep, cravings, bloating/constipation, thinning hair, irregular or absent menstrual cycles, or low libido
  • Unsuccessful with all of the fad diets and unhealthy eating patterns: food restriction, saving calories, cutting out entire food groups, emotional eating, stress eating
  • Managing chronic conditions such as insulin resistence, low testerone, PCOS, food sensitivies, IBS, etc.
  • Sluggish/inconsistent energy (energy drops after meals


Bio-nutrition Coaching Options


Virtual, On-Demand, and Group Masterclasses

Master Your Metabolism (MYM) is an introduction into the Metabolic Bio-Nutrition methodologies. In this six-week accelerated course, you will learn the fundamental concepts of leveraging nutrition to maximize your hormonal health. We will have you thinking about food in a whole new way – leaving you with the confidence to navigate everything from grocery shopping, restaurants, and social events. Our goal is for you to know how to fuel yourself for metabolic health outcomes and undo years of diet culture influence to create a solid foundational understanding of nutrition.

1:1 Coaching Sessions (in-person or telehealth)

For a fully personalized bio-individual experience, we will focus on leveraging lab tasting, comprehensive health and diet history, and symptoms assessment to build a nutrition plan to meet your specific metabolic challenges, needs, and goals. Your metabolism is as unique as your fingerprint, and you also have individual health concerns that must be addressed. If you are struggling to navigate the hundreds of conflicting diet strategies and wonder what advice is right for you, Metabolic Bio-nutrition coaching will give you the tools and strategies to help you achieve your goals for life.

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Our Metabolic Bio-Nutrition Process


number 1

Form the foundation of Metabolic Bio-Nutrition

  • Align meal timing with Circadian Rhythm
  • Learn balanced meal templates
  • Optimize food quality
  • Strategize for meals in and out of the home
  • Define what healthy is for you
  • Incorporate daily movement & appropriate exercise routine
number 2

Personalized Nutrition Programming

  • Address your bio-individual needs and goals
  • Strategies for managing your metabolic markers
number 3

Advanced Nutrition Coaching

  • Achieve body recomposition
  • Optimize athletic performance


Why Patients Choose Bio-Nutrition Coaching

Contrary to popular belief, nutrition coaching isn’t just about weight loss or body recomposition. Our coaching sessions and progress markers go well beyond the scale or your pants size. What are other reasons clients choose Metabolic Bio-Nutrition coaching?


Hormone balance

From debilitating fatigue, bloating/constipation, thinning hair, irregular or absent menstrual cycles, to insomnia to anxiety and depression…nutrition plays a key role in eliminating these symptoms and we help clients bring back natural hormonal rhythms that have been lost over time.


Undo past diet damage

Many clients have a long history of jumping from Keto to Whole30 to intermittent fasting and back again, leaving their metabolism in the gutter and so many ‘food rules’ they don’t know what to eat anymore.


Healthy relationship with food & body image

Social media and fad diets are a dangerous pair, leaving women vulnerable to the comparison trap and easily influenced by friends/family. We help clients confidently navigate a diet designed for you so you can block out the noise.


Managing metabolic markers

A discouraging yearly doctor’s visit often brings clients to our coaching services, looking for natural solutions to lower cholesterol, manage blood sugars and optimize metabolic function. We can change these markers for long-term health improvement with some simple, impactful habits!


Navigate life transitions

What works to see results in your 20s, likely won’t work in your 50s. We can work together to learn how to work with your physiology as it changes over time and what that means for your diet and exercise routine.


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