Concierge Telehealth

Concierge Telehealth


As a nation, we have been challenged by recent events including COVID-19; but we have also been enlightened. We have learned that while we thrive with human interaction, we can still connect and communicate via modalities such as Zoom and FaceTime. As a medical professional, there is no replacement for the face-to-face with my patients; to talk to them, listen to them, know them, relate to them, as well as examine them-all are critical to the relationship we are building; the one that goes beyond “doctor” and “patient.” However, even I have struggled with the importance of keeping those I care for safe. With the current state, the medical community has seen an astronomical, not only increase in utilization, but comfort and success with telehealth. This change has led to a growth in the health care experience for patients, myself included. At Re-new Institute, we elevated the experience further to introduce Concierge Telehealth.
Dr. Melissa Loseke and family

Our efforts are focused on providing the care YOU desire to optimize your health, that you may not have known was an option to achieve safely, comfortably at home. Our goal is to address the gaps that you feel as a patient from traditional care by offering innovative therapies, along with functional and regenerative medicine, including an exceptional patient experience-all with the convenience of telemedicine.  We provide you with a world-class level of care that is direct, informative and based on your goals. 

Whether you are male or female, struggling with weight gain, lack of energy or no motivation, inability to focus, challenges intimately with your partner or a decrease in desire for your significant other, or maybe you suffer from chronic medical conditions; or you might already be in good health and want to optimize you, focusing on anti-aging or aging in reverse-no matter your challenge or goal, we can help.  We can re-new the YOU that you want to re-discover and help unlock your potential with a personalized, data-driven, safe and compassionate approach to your health. 

Our goal is to take your health care a step beyond the “normal” and restore your health through hormone balancing, individualized lifestyle strategies, powerful peptide therapies and state-of-the-art biometric tracking.  A customized approach, looking at the entire puzzle not just one individual piece, centered around your objectives to re-new your body, your brain, your life and your health – to truly live your best life. 

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