Diets. We’ve all tried them – we’ve all failed them. Even mention the word at a dinner party and watch the room divide like you’ve just brought up religion or politics. But why has nutrition become such a divisive topic? Because deep down, we’re all just as confused as the next person on what to eat, how to eat, when to eat or what not to eat. It’s no surprise most of us are left feeling failed & frustrated – the average American will try 126 fad diets in their lifetime. 126. The diet industry is full of pills and powders with (empty) promises – waiting for you to come back for more. Have you ever considered that maybe it’s not you that’s failing diet after diet, but each diet actually failing to fit you

Your metabolism is as unique as your fingerprint – and thanks to our chemical messengers called hormones – we have an ever-evolving web of communication from the body to the brain about the status of our well-being on a day-to-day basis. Whatever your goal – lose weight, build muscle, improve sleep, reduce energy crashes, eliminate brain fog – you must go through the gate-keeper of your hormones. Every meal & snack you consume (or skip!) is a signal to our metabolism, but as you can imagine, no two signals are the same because no two bodies are the same. A husband and a wife can both eat the exact same thing, only to find he loses 30 lbs in 30 days while she gains a pound and can no longer sleep through the night. Sound familiar? The body requires a much more nuanced approach – enter an innovative concept we call BIO-NUTRITION.

Bio-nutrition is far from “another diet” – it is a unique coaching methodology that uses a combination of lab testing, symptom assessments, and extensive health / diet history to create a custom nutrition program designed to unlock your full metabolic potential. Instead of assuming a “one-size-fits-all-cookie-cutter” meal plan, bio-nutrition personalizes your dietary approach to support hormone balance, first and foremost, as a means of driving change from the inside out. From blood sugar balance to gut support to adrenal health, the secret to success lies in identifying specific areas of your metabolism that need attention and how to structure your day to send the right metabolic signal with every nutritional choice you make. Bio-nutrition recognizes that what is “healthy” for one individual may not be “healthy” for another…

  • A vegan diet might help one person feel great by increasing their fiber intake, while the same approach leads another down a path of reactive hypoglycemia.
  • A ketogenic diet allows one woman to increase energy & decrease cravings while another woman on the same diet loses her menstrual cycle.
  • Incorporating intermittent fasting for one man reduces his sugar intake, while another following the same schedule ends up binging on late night snacks.
  • A couple on a fertility journey will benefit from knowing how to support both the “seed” and the “soil.”

This biology-backed approach encompasses not only the physical aspect of healthy eating habits, but also addresses the mental & emotional impact of past diet experiences, working to release old “food rules” and form a positive relationship with food & body image.

We all will eat multiple times a day everyday for the rest of our lives. Might as well learn how to do it right! Bio-nutrition will challenge you to unlearn everything you once thought was true in achieving diet & weight loss success. And in that same process, bio-nutrition empowers you with education and confidence that you are executing the bio-individual program perfectly positioned to meet you where you’re at today and take you to a place of maximizing metabolic health, enjoying balanced hormones, and finally achieving the aesthetic success you’ve been seeking. So before you jump into diet #126, consider if you’re ready to learn how to eat for life with your bio-nutrition strategy!

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