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Dr. Melissa Loseke, Re-new Institute

Dr. Melissa Loseke

Dr. Loseke is an innovator in medicine and a dedicated physician specializing in anti-aging and regenerative medicine, peptide therapy, cellular repair and optimization, sports medicine, tissue, and joint repair. She is widely considered an expert on women’s and men’s hormonal health, sexual health, aesthetics, and overall wellness. 

Lauryn Mohr, Bio-nutritionist

Lauryn Mohr

Lauryn is a passionate leader at the forefront of nutritional sciences, focusing on using nutrition to optimize and support hormonal balance. With education at the core of her coaching methods, she empowers her clients to understand their physiology and make confident nutrition and lifestyle choices that support metabolic health from the inside out.

Emily Patera

Emily Patera

Emily has a broad knowledge in diabetes, hypertension, women’s health, men’s health, sports medicine, and mental health. She understands that men and women are individuals and what works for one client, may not work for another. Emily is driven to finding the underlying cause for clients health concerns and illnesses. She aims to treat every client like they were her family member.

Our Purpose

We are changing the way healthcare is typically approached. Your quality of life is our number one goal. We help you find the answers you are seeking after so many deaf ears / closed doors / closed-minded treatment options. Re-new is the place to turn to and unlearn the no’s and negatives  you’ve experienced through traditional healthcare channels. 

Our passion is to help you take control and prioritize your health and wellness by providing education and support, transparent health information, exploring all treatment options available to you, and the tools to achieve your goals of hormone balance, weight loss, energy, motivation, working out, slowing down and reversing the aging process, and so much more.

Who We Treat

Re-new is for women and men whose quality of life is suffering. Whether it’s from the effects of imbalanced or deficient hormones, injuries and, chronic illness, aging, or those that just want to focus on preventative care, our focus is wellness, not illness. Let’s get you back to the you, you used to be.

What We Offer

Re-New provides innovative treatments combined with concierge medical care, comprehensive goal-oriented nutrition/health and wellness plans, and patient education because it’s important for you to know there are options and answers and support you need to achieve the results you desire and regain your quality of life.

What our patients are saying

Amber's Story

Amber shares her journey to finding someone who will listen and the answer to two years of chronic fatigue, brain fog, night sweats, and more. Her persistence to find answers led her to Dr. Loseke and BHRT Testosterone Replacement.

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five stars

Re-New Institute/Dr. Melissa has helped change the way my wife and I feel. We see her office for a variety of treatments. All the treatments have improved our long-term marriage and life. Her office has even started treating our daughter with laser treatment for her injured hips. We have visited other hormone treatment offices before. They all felt commercialized, cold, and unwelcoming. When visiting Dr. Melissa and the staff, it is like visiting friends.

C. Mad

five stars

Lauryn has been my nutrition coach for almost a year. She customizes a nutrition plan specific for you. She takes into account all aspects of your lifestyle and current eating plan...I have seen and been on many diet plans in my life. This is not a diet plan. It’s learning how to eat properly. Eating proper foods at the proper time satiates you like no other. I look forward to my weekly meetings with her, she is so positive and upbeat. Weeks that don’t go so well she gently steers you on the right path. I continue to learn every meeting.

Dan S.

Getting Started with Re-New

number 1

Call to schedule your appointment

Telehealth or In-Person

  • Health History
  • Review of Symptoms/Concerns
  • Understanding of Goals
number 2

Lab Draw / Blood Work

In Office or Local Laboratory

  • Fasting for at least 8hrs
  • Comprehensive expanded lab panel
  • $299 one-time charge
number 3

Initial Appointment Review

With Dr. Loseke and Lauryn Mohr

  • Lab review
  • Plan development

Treatment Started

Comprehensive Treatment plans include:

  • Concierge Service
  • Medications and Supplies (unless otherwise communicated)
  • Logins for direct access
Re-new University logo

Re-new University

Introducing Re-new University, our educational platform for both patients and practitioners.

You will learn how to understand your hormones and how to master your hormones and metabolic health through nutrition, learn about new and innovative treatments in hormone health, regenerative medicine, aesthetics, peptides, and more. Re-new University is for anyone that wants to expand their knowledge on ways they can positively impact their own health as well as offer exceptional, safe care to their patients.

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